ALA Masters Series

Grab your lunch and join innovative library leaders as they discuss transformative projects in this noontime series. 

Saturday January 26th 

12:00  NOON - 12:45 PM

An Unmistakable, Unmissable Positive Presence in the Community - The Toledo Lucas County Public Library
Jason Kucsma, Deputy Director, Toledo Lucas County Public Library; Terri Carroll, Marketing Manager, Toledo Lucas County Public Library
WSCC 611 - 612 
Over the past several years, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library has worked to adopt a bold visual identity and an online presence that reflects an organizational ethos that is modern, welcoming, and accessible to all. As the library expands this visual brand across their programs, services, spaces, and community engagement, they have found unique ways to infuse the library across their community.  Hear from TLCPL’s staff leadership about their journey to a new identity and where they see the library going from here.  

Sunday January 27th 

12:00 Noon - 12:45 PM

Inclusive, Accessible, Interdisciplinary - New Spaces at the University of Rhode Island Libraries 
Angel Ferria, Media Curator, University Libraries, University of Rhode Island
WSCC 611 - 612
In 2018 the University of Rhode Island’s Library and Learning Commons opened an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab with the explicit aim of facilitating interdisciplinary learning on the topic of artificial intelligence and related social and ethical issues involving robotics, wearable technology, smart cities, and public policy. The Lab builds on URI’s success with _space.uri, an academically focused makerspace that provides shared access to fabrication, 2D/3D design, and virtual reality technologies. Through these and other initiatives, learn how URI Libraries are pursuing a new vision for the academic library. 

Monday January 28th

12:00 NOON - 1:00 PM

Advocacy Through Understanding – How the National School Library Standards Help All of Us Advocate for School Libraries
Kathryn Roots Lewis, Director of Media Services and Instructional Technology for Norman (Okla.) Public Schools
WSCC 611 - 612
Since their launch at the 2018 AASL National Conference, the National School Library Standards for Learners, School Librarians, and School Libraries have provided an invaluable resource for school librarians, parents and guardians, educators, and administrators to understand the contributions libraries and media centers make to student learning. As ALA and the profession focuses our advocacy efforts on school libraries, this is an important opportunity to understand the work, shared foundations, and standards that guide school libraries’ success. Join AASL President Kathryn Roots Lewis and members of the National School Library Standards editorial board for a deeper dive into the Standards.